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Our Numerical Test

Numerical Reasoning tests are not about your actual numerical ability; they are about your ability to find what to calculate in a particular source of information, as quickly as possible. Once you know what you are looking for, the test is immediately reduced to basic arithmetic. Our tests reflect the patterns in the actual aptitude tests used by employers and recruiters. In other words, once you face the actual task, you will know immediately what you are calculating. That will boost your speed by up to 40% and your accuracy by about 30%. Such boost should be more than enough for an average person to get a very solid numerical test score.

Our Verbal Test

Verbal Reasoning tests are meant to measure your ability to use textual information efficiently. The key to beating a verbal task is attention to detail and memory techniques. Remember that you only need to base your answers on what is in the text, so unless the text explicitly says something, you “cannot say”. It is in fact possible to arrange a text in a way that would prepare you for reading a different text. We have discovered that the verbal tests, not unlike numerical or geometric tests, follow certain patterns. By doing our tests you will get them entrenched in your mind, giving you a 30-40% speed boost once you face the actual test in the course of your job application process. 

Our Logical Test

Logical Reasoning tests (also known as Geometric Reasoning tests) are  intended to offer a measurement of your logical and analytical skills. We are firmly convinced that they do not. Nevertheless, employers and recruiters worldwide are using this type of testing for occupations, ranging from banking to medicine. Logical Reasoning tests are all about patterns. In fact, this is precisely what you are asked to find - a particular pattern evident in geometric arrangements. Fortunately, the number of such arrangements used by recruitment companies is limited and we emulated the logic behind them in our preparation materials. The service increases the speed and accuracy of an average candidate by 25-30%. 


Grad Walkthrough

Getting your first proper job after graduation is undoubtedly one of the toughest parts of your career. Following the colossal collapse of the global economy in 2007-2010 the supply of workforce still greatly exceeds the demand. Moreover, much of the demand is not representative of the economic needs of the employer. It is no secret that many institutions, especially in banking and finance, keep running graduate schemes (despite the fact that they do not really need more people) in order to maintain the illusion of resilience. Gradbootcamp.com is intended as a navigator tool for you to reach the destination. In addition to our aptitude test preparation platform we are offering a detailed walkthrough of the entire application process. It provides tips for every step and includes advice on application form filling, CV preparation, writing your personal statement, aptitude and psychometric testing, telephone and video interviews and even details the schedule and tasks at the assessment centre.

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Loved by Customers

Success of our customers is our primary goal. We appreciate your custom and kind words.


The success of our customers is our primary goal. We appreciate your custom and kind words in your reviews. However, we want to know if we have been helpful and where we can improve. Let us know if our testing services and advice meet your expectations, share success stories and feel free to criticise us.

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Our Focus

We want to see talented people being hired and employers making well-informed decisions.


We want to see talented people being hired and employers making well-informed decisions. Current recruitment practices tend to have the opposite effect and we strive to serve the market by delivering a modern customisable service.

We offer practicing facilities for candidates. Try it now!

As well as customised and unique aptitude test creation services for employers.


Before launching Gradbootcamp we asked 150 volunteers to test it. Here are their results...


Before launching this program we needed to know how effective it is, so we tested it on 150 job applicants looking for work in banking, law and IT services, among others. Here are the results:

Numerical Test Improvement:

1st attempt led to approximately 41% of right answers, while the 2nd attempt result immediately jumped to an average score of 49%. The 3rd to 52%, 4th – 61% and the 5th led to solid average 67%.

Logical Test Improvement:

  • 1st – 41%
  • 2nd – 45%
  • 3rd – 56%
  • 4th – 63%
  • 5th – 73%

Verbal Test Improvement:

  • 1st – 51%
  • 2nd – 59%
  • 3rd – 64%
  • 4th – 71%
  • 5th – 76%

Grad Walkthrough Effectiveness

We devised several ways to quantify the impact of our Grad Walkthrough, but eventually decided not to include them here, due to substantial standard deviation. The Walkthrough is ultimately an advice guidebook and as with every advice, its impact is highly subjective.

The Final Test

We then asked our respondents to indicate the how successful they were in their subsequent applications. Our combination of test preparation and the Grad Walkthrough led to solid results. 138 out of 150 passed all the subsequent online testing stages (some had to complete several tests). 10 failed the online test once, but achieved enough successes to get to the interview or assessment centre. 2 applicants did not receive further invitations.

Now the most important statistic is obviously the ultimate success rate – the actual contract of employment. Over 67% of our respondents got a job. According to most financial institutions (to give an example) they receive 100 applications for every 10 positions. In this context the success of our respondents is nothing short of remarkable.

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Keeping the Price Low

We strive to keep the price as low as possible, in order to maximise accessibility.      


Gradbootcamp.com is an unusual type of business in this industry. In addition to our primary goal of ensuring business and career success of our clients we also strive to keep the service accessible to those who really need the job.  Therefore, our 1 day membership only costs £3.99, and one month membership is just £9.99. We also offer mid-way memberships of 1 week (6.99) and 3 days (5.99).