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Unlike most other companies working on test preparation, we are not Human Resource managers. We are former or current urban professionals who passed the tests, shined at interviews and got the jobs. We know the process is far from ideal. We also know it does not lead to the best candidates being hired. Frankly, often the opposite is true. Nevertheless, we know how to beat that game and have created a learning system based on that knowledge. For technical purposes, we have hired experts of aptitude testing to ensure high quality, so our practice tests are actually designed with more attention and care than the ones you will face during the application process.

What we do?

We want you to succeed at your job application and get the job you applied for. If you are qualified for it, the last thing you want to happen is fail a test or make a mistake at the interview and let a few days work go to waist. Our system is designed to ensure you get to the stage where hiring decisions are made. Our tests will teach you the schematic structures that the makers of such tests use. Thus, you will be able to pass that hurdle with minimal losses. The blog and forum form an amalgamation of valuable information and tips on how to pass the assessment centres and interviews.

How are we different?

Our approach to testing differs from that of other providers. We do not try to teach you how to deal with every possible variation, we are teaching you how to deal with what you will actually encounter, once you click ‘start’ or attend the assessment centre. Thus, there will be no guess work or uncertainty before taking the test. What is special about our tests? The number of test tasks that their providers can generate is virtually limitless. However, the tasks are based on a very limited number of structures. In other words, the numbers, colours and wording might differ, but the essence of the test – the thought process needed to complete the task - remains the same. What we did is simple – we took those schemes, which cannot be copyrighted, because you cannot copyright a thought process, - and put our own numbers, words and symbols into them. Learning the schemes will enable you to improve your speed and accuracy substantially.

Why is the price so low?

Indeed, we are offering our services for less than half the market price. In fact most of our competitors charge three or even four times more than we do and offer tests that are much further from the ones you will actually face. Our goal is to create a platform that would gradually lead to more talented people being hired, based on their actual knowledge and ability, not on how good they are at tests and interview tricks. To increase accessibility we set the price as low as commercially possible.

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