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A major problem with the vast majority of aptitude testing platforms is that they no longer reflect the aptitude of the candidates. Most providers have been using the same creation templates or worse – the exact same tasks - for years. Thus, the number of websites reflecting those tests (and even mirror sites with the actual tasks themselves) created the environment where aptitude testing favours those who spend more time practicing the tests but are not necessarily the most capable.

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We offer modernised services, which include:

Tests specific to the industry of operation

Aptitude testing is meant to reveal candidates' ability, not merely cut off those that did not have time to practise. The later are typically the best candidates, since they are too busy studying, working or training to spend weeks doing aptitude tests. Testing can be a way to actually reveal potential at the initial stages. However, the trend of not adapting the testing materials to the job profile came from nothing but cost cutting and led to counter-productivity. Our tests can be adjusted to match the needs of the industry you operate in.

Unique tests for each company

One of the reasons why tests do not reveal much is that the candidates who get rejected more times also get to do the test more often, which effectively makes them good at tests but does not reveal their actual ability.

Our experts can prepare a unique set of tests for your company at the price of streamlined tests available elsewhere.

Yearly updates

Moreover, to minimise the effects of test data leakage, which has made many of current systems redundant, we will send you updated versions of the test for three years at no extra cost.

Personal modifications to the tests

Our tests are hand-made. Although we have modern automated testing platforms, every task is also modified by our employees, so each and every question is unique.

Good market value

Despite all of our advantages, we try to keep service accessible to all businesses and keep the prices lower than those of most streamlined test providers.