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The term ‘logical reasoning tests’ can mean a broad group of problem solving ability tests. In recruitment the term normally means geometric reasoning. These are all about patterns. Your task is to find a diagram that would follow next the series. You have to discover the pattern of change, a simple algorithm, in the sequence provided.

Quickness and accuracy are key traits here. If you don't know the answer to a question, leave it and move onto the next one. Because of their universal application, geometric tests may be used for any position at any level of recruitment. Unlike verbal reasoning tests, which merely prove that you are not an illiterate or numerical reasoning ones, which merely prove you can count, geometric reasoning tests are actually reflective of your abilities. Well, they would be, if not for the fact their providers generate them from a very limited data pool. As a consequence the tests start to favour those that practice more or, indeed, failed at more job applications and got to do this more times.

Their universal applicability is also their major flaw. The ability to detect which arrow is turning in which direction might not be very transferable in banking or law. Human logic is not as primitive, as the test providers assume it to be and can have significantly more variables than a simplistic test can reflect.

Nevertheless, you are likely to face those tests at some point in your career and practicing with us will give you a significant advantage. Try our free test to get the idea.

Our logical reasoning test comprises of 30 questions, each containing a grid of symbols. Most tests that you will encounter during the application process have a similar number of questions and similar timing. Your task is to choose which one of the options would follow next in the series. Our tests reflect those that you will face after clicking ‘submit application’ as closely as legally possible. Over 80% of the people who participated in our ‘test testing’ and completed all of our tests, eventually got a 90-100% score. None of them failed it during the actual application process (or lied to us out of shame).

Free Logical Practice Test

Our logical reasoning test comprises of 9 questions, each containing a grid of symbols. Most tests that you will encounter during the application process…

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