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Why do employers and recruitment consultants use verbal reasoning tests? Because they ”are better at predicting candidates job performance than interviews, CVs and other traditional methods of selection”? This is a real quote from a real recruiter’s website. As ridiculous as this sounds, it is exactly what they claim. Your CV, that is your education, job experience, volunteering, positions of responsibility and professional knowledge are less informative than test results? Maybe. In any event, this is what modern hiring practices assume and you might have to do those tests. In fact it is yet another way to reduce the number of candidates, since without preparation it is possible to fail those tests. Although less difficult than numerical or logical reasoning tests, their scores are often used to filter candidates, which favours those that practice more than others. To see what a real verbal reasoning test looks like, take our free practice test. If you score below 80%, we recommend subscribing to one of our packages.

Verbal reasoning tests used in selection usually take the form of a written passage followed by a series of questions with possible True, False or Cannot Say responses. It is important you understand the meaning of each response.

  • True – the text indicates that is the case or it follows directly from what is said in it.
  • False – the statement is evidently incorrect from the information given.
  • Cannot Say – it is impossible to precisely determine from the information given in the text.

Practice example questions and read the advice on this webpage. Being prepared and knowing what to expect in your assessment is the best way to perform your best. The number of texts that you will encounter during the application process is shockingly limited. In addition to the fact that our tests reflect the texts used for the actual test as closely as possible without infringing upon the copyrights of their respective owners, once you start filling the application forms you will soon discover that the number of texts used there is shockingly small. Thus, having done all of our tests and filled 2-3 application forms you will be able to score 100% in those tests.

Free Verbal Practice Test

Verbal reasoning test assesses your reading, understanding and comprehension skills. You will be presented with a short passage of text and will need…

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